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Barsha Mitra Animal Communicator
Barsha Mitra Animal Communicator

From ancient times people have tried different ways to heal themselves. To end their sufferings and sorrow or at least tried somehow to reduce their pain. These methods took them on a journey towards their sub-conscious mind. While seeking this path, they came across different ways to reach their subconscious mind. Tarot Card Reading or Oracle Card Reading is one of those methods which helps you to find specific answers. The Services we provide includes,Tarot Card Reading, Oracle Card Reading, Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Reiki, Distance Healing, NLP, PLR

Barsha Mitra

Animal Communicator & Tarot card reader

Our Client's Speaks for us

Animal Communication

She is talented and an amazing animal communicator. I own two fur babies and she communicated with both of them. I wanted to know what they think and feel staying with us. And the answer I received was so relatable as I had the gut feeling and I could resonate well. One of my pet was very mischievous and disobedient. After a few counseling sessions my pet started behaving well and became one of the most obedientpet between the two. I am so happy with the progress. I am really glad for the service and support I received. I am really grateful and would highly recommend her anytime. She is the best one till date. Keep doing the good work dear. Loads of love. To all the people out there I would like to say. You can blindly trust her for the same.


I strongly recommend Jalesmina for animal communication and Tarot reading. Not just 1 time but several times Barsha has helped me in finding our lost pets and the strays that I have been feeding.. the latest testimony is the stray mom dog and her pup went missing and I seeked her help. she was bang on accurate in telling me that she saw an incompletely constructed building and grass that are dirty and thats were the dog and her puppy are.. and one wouldn't believe, she was 200% right!!!! they both were there in the exact place where she mentioned!!!! woowww.. what a miracle!!!! you will never be disappointed in reaching out Jalesmina to find ur lost pets and to talk with ur pets for their behavioural change. Wishing you many more success stories dear!!!


I am so happy I was able to connect to you!!! bringing in a new pup home for recovery was worrying my mind so much thinking how my two pets would react as they are not friendly at all with other dogs!! after your session with them last 2 days, I was so amazed and surprised the way my pets revived them. Thank you so much barsha!!!!


She is the Best and 100 % tell you the truth and things which u have with your pets. i feel lucky that i m one of her known person and got the opportunity to know the amazing things about my pet.


I contacted her for knowing the reasons for the strange behaviour of my aggressive Doberman. Trust me, she did wonders counselling him. I could see great changes in his behavior from the very next day of the counselling session. My boy is becoming a good boy since then. I m really really happy about the help she did and would love recommend her service to my friends as well. Keep doing the great work! Thanks a lot.


Her Animal communication skill is pretty reliable. She delineated my dog's character, nature and mood almost exactly just after watching the face.


She is doing a great job for pets too she will tell u 100% truth about ur pet. A genuine service. Thank you so much Barsha.


Our Client's Speaks for us

Psychic Reading

She is a healer. I could see drastic difference in my situation. Since we spoke I started feeling positive and much better. She is a very straight forward person and guides holistically. Her approach is different and unique. Strongly recommend her. Thank you so much! Much love.


Excellent professional service provided by her. Very much accurate reading and worth satisfying. I contacted her when I was going through a tough stage of my life, their reading was so accurate. I am fully satisfied.


Barsha is really good at her work. Her prediction were so accurate. In addition to that she's a wonderful person and makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommended.


Barsha is really good with her work! She gave me the clear picture of the current situation. She gave me remedy too! She has the indepth knowledge and provides accurate guidance


If certain thoughts prevail in your sub conscious or you are not sure about them you need to pay a visit over here.Not about past,present or how much you would make in future but to unearth whats latent. To remove the dust from the shining mirror you are. Also available on calls but but I would rather suggest you visit them in person. Overall good experience!


The prediction of Jalesmina Tarot reading is highly accurate and she explored different aspects of my life and perfectly found out all obstacles towards the path of success, she suggested remedy also.


Barsha is a good friend and her readings are good too. I have received help from her several times. Her readings came as a boon in difficult times. They helped me calm down and settle my mind. Thank you barsha!


I highly recommend Jalesmina to everyone who wishes to know more about their life, Career, or simply wishes a fresh insight. I usually don't believe in fortune telling people but this was an eye opener for me. The predictions were amazing and above all I kind of saw my entire life in front of me. Barsha told me something that completely changed my life and also gave me a boost of confidence. I am glad I came across Jalesmina and it simply changed my perception towards life. Fortune telling is no joke and also no magic, you have to do all the hard work by yourself, it just give u a clear path to walk on. Thank you so much.


It was amazing experience. Barsha gave me correct information about me and my future. How I have to improve my self. Overall experience was nice. Thank you Barsha


Tarot readings are accurate and personal. Phone sessions and whatsapp sessions are available.


Very genuine and fruitful service. I was facing some serious issues in my professional and personal life, with the help and guidance i git here my life changed in a positive way.


All what i feel that my present prediction is very correct..good tarot card reader


It was good experience. She was able to see my past and future


Excellent. Caring Result Oriental approach and very helpful.


Awesome prediction


Really appreciable... Feeling relaxed after knowing about my upcoming time.Thank you Barsha di


It was a great experience with Barsha..she gave me correct information about my past and future..


I know her from my school days. One of the Best person ever to be found. thanks to her, I can see some lights and hope on my struggling life and issues.