About Barsha Mitra

Barsha Mitra Animal Communicator

A law lecturer by profession, animal communication, and psychic readings is my passion, which I have started with my venture Jalesmina to help animals and humans alike. I became an animal lover when my first pet Max came into my life when I was ten years old. I started my rescued activities during my college days.
I had learned Animal Communication and Psychic Reading in the initial years of 2019 when I lost my Cat son Todi and went through many ups and downs in my life. My Animal Communication works include searching for missing animals, counseling for behavioral issues, and communicating with deceased animals. I work with love, compassion, and ethics and effectively channelize my energies to get the desired result.
As a psychic reader, I perform Tarot Card Reading, Oracle Card Reading, and Angel Card Reading. I provide remedies depending on the problem of my client and his ideology. I focus more on improving the current situation because I can improve our present than we can change our future. Our present is a gift, so we must live our present to the fullest with mindfulness, will power, and peace and improve our future with good karmas.

Barsha Mitra

Animal Communicator & Tarot card reader


To spread the message that “compassion, care and mutual respect is above speciesism and every species has the right to live a peaceful life”.


To work with a heart full of love, light and energy to improve the lives of humans and non-humans both.

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